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What The Flapjack?!

What The Flapjack?!

Flapjack? That’s all Greek to you?

Let us quickly explain what flapjacks are and what makes our bars so unique:

  • HAFERVOLL bars are baked after a traditional British recipe. So named flapjacks on the island. There is a huge difference to most of the ordinary oat bars you know from the supermarket. These ones are machine-made by getting compressed into a form and being air-dried afterwards. Our HAFERVOLL bars are handmade! So, there are real humans who put the all-natural oat mix onto baking plates, isn’t that dope as hell!? Flapjacks are gently oven baked by a specially developed baking procedure. Though this particular processing every single bar is one of a kind.

  • The natural roasting flavor which makes our products so outstanding emerges through the gentle baking method.  Because of that our flapjacks aren’t dry but more like a small, juicy cereal cake what’s because of the usage of real natural honey. Forgot breakfast? Think about a juicy HAFERVOLL flapjack.

  • It’s part of our philosophy to just use natural ingredients. Because industrial sugar is not doing you good and does not contain any valuable nutrients we simply avoid this cheap stuffing. Artificial flavors, dye stuffs, flavor enhancers and other preservatives which you can most commonly find in conventional cereals bars, barely bugged us. Our flapjacks are fully packed with whole grain oat flakes, dried fruits honey and tasty nuts. Sometimes less is even a lot more…