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Cereal bars? Pretty boring! That’s what we thought, too. That’s why HAFERVOLL developed the first and 100% natural cereal bar Flapjack that copes without added sugar, cheap stuffing or other chemical additives. Our cereal bar Flapjacks are gently oven backed, always tasting like homemade. The juicy auburn baked delicacies are solely sweetened with honey and dried fruits.

By the way: HAFERVOLL is a German expression for full of oats! So our mission is to take the boring out of the morning and make healthy snacks without any crap added ingredients.

We also manufacture raw snacks, superfood and protein muesli, vegan protein powder and a small range of superfoods such as chia, matcha & co.

Wether as breakfast, while studying, as brain food, power bar during sports or just if you have healthy food cravings: HAFERVOLL Flapjacks are a perfect snack for everyday situation, available in seven yummy flavors.

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