Cereal bars? Pretty boring! That’s why we developed the first all natural cereal bar flapjack which does pretty well without any chemical ingredients, added sugar and stuffing with no nutritional use. In comparison to the usual and boring mishmash in German supermarket shelves, our flapjacks are handmade with love and devotion for taste and quality. In addition our delicious and golden brown bars are made with high-quality honey instead of cheap industrial sugar. Unsweetened dried fruits add that certain something and give them a sweetish, fresh and fruity taste.
No matter which time of the day: HAFERVOLL flapjacks are always a good grab and a good choice. Whether as brain booster while studying, after a tiring workout, as breakfast snack together with coffee or tea or simply as a perfect snack when you are just on the brink of starvation: HAFERVOLL flapjacks provide you with new energy right when you need it. Currently four yummylicious and extraordinary flavors are available: cashew-cranberry, almond-raisin, cocoa-hazelnut and poppy seed-apricot. It’s up to you: which one will be your favorite?

Our HAFERVOLL flapjacks are always:

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